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Are you suddenly finding that the TV volume is starting to need to be increased? Does it sound like everyone else is mumbling? Are you finding it difficult to follow conversations in a crowded environment? Maybe it’s time to get your hearing checked out?

Why not book in and see one of The Optical Factory and Hearing Clinics experts who can discuss what it is that you are experiencing? An inspection of your ear canal will be carried out, sometimes a hearing loss can be down to some blocked wax. If this is the case then our team can arrange to have this removed using the latest technique called Micro-suction. More information and how to book an appointment is available HERE.

If a full hearing test is required, our expert Audiologists will carry this out for you. Our hearing assessments are completely FREE and we will not discuss the purchase of hearing aids until we have built up a full picture of your hearing environments. If we identify a loss, we would fit you with Flex:Trial™ a diagnostichearing device, which logs all of your listening environments and gives us a bigger picture of yours requirements, these devices can be worn up to six weeks if needed are completely FREE. Once we have gathered enough data to make an informed decision, together we look at what is best suited for your lifestyle.

The Optical Factory and Hearing Clinics offer all types of hearing aids and assisted listening devices. Whether its tiny Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) aids, or the most up to date digital models that are Bluetoothsynced to all your devices including smart phones, Amazon Echo’s or smart tv’s, we will have device that will suit your requirements.  

Looking to have your eyes or hearing tested? Book an appointment using our online booking system.