East Kilbride - 01355 247581
Hamilton - 01698 458005
Wishaw - 01698 479385

Click to view our LENS PDFThe Lanarkshire Eye-Health Network Scheme

Whatever your eye problem your first port of call should be an optometrist. An optometrist is the best person to assess urgent eye problems, check for eye disorders and treat eye conditions. They have the professional training and necessary equipment to assess most eye problems.

The Optical Factory are part of the Lanarkshire Eye-Health Network Scheme (LENS).

The Optical Factory in East Kilbride and Hamilton offer an appointment and assessment service for any concerns you may have with the health of your eyes or eye injuries including:

  • Red Eye
  • Sore Eye
  • Deterioration of eyesight
  • Other disturbance of eyesight

If you require an appointment for one of these conditions, or another related problem, please call 01355 247581 for an apppointment in East Kilbride or 01698 458005 for an appointment in Hamilton.

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