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The Optical Factory is delighted to now have a Hearing Clinic.

We have employed a Hearing Aid Dispenser to carry out FREE hearing tests and to advise, fit and dispense Digital Hearing Instruments.

These Hearing Instruments produced by Starkey, Phonak and Oticon use the latest technology to enhance your hearing.

There are different aids for different needs and budgets. Your hearing loss may be mild or profound but there will be an aid to suit. Starting from £250 per instrument and ranging to £1495 for top of the range, you will find real value at every price point. Our Hearing Indstruments are available in all sizes across the entire range providing your hearing impairment is suitable for that style at no additional cost.

Why not come in for a chat with Stephanie? She will identify how best to address your individual needs. From there you can book a FREE hearing test with either with Stephanie or Craig our Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers. They will fully assess your hearing loss and recommend accordingly.

It may be that one of the basic hearing aids suit your needs.

Hearing Aids

If you are looking for more interactive technology to keep you connected in this highly fast paced society, you can now pair and control your hearing instruments with your mobile phone. Geotag locations so your hearing aids are automatically changed to home/work/social when you walk in, direct streaming of music and much more. Giving you ultimate personal control over your hearing needs.

AutoSense OS, the operating system within Phonak Venture hearing aids, accurately captures and analyzes sounds in real-time to precisely match your exact listening environments. It provides exceptional sound quality and a seamless listening experience as clients transition from one sound environment to another. AutoSense OS is clinically proven to always select the best settings and maximize hearing performance.


Often patients are really concerned about the cost of hearing aids. We believe our prices are highly competitive and you'd be hard-pushed to find the same technology cheaper we do appreciate that it can be a costly business. That is why we offer out 'TIME TO PAY' scheme. You can spread the cost of your hearing aids by paying 30% deposit and then spreading the balance over 6, 9 or 12 months. So in some instances that's as little as £14.59 per month.

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The Hearing Clinic is available on alternate Mondays at the East Kilbride branch.
You can call 01355 247581 to speak to Stephanie and make an appointment or you can book on-line.

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