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Our Foot Health Practioner Jamie Rokwckwy has recently completed his NHS placement in Crosshouse hospital and is now accepting private patients.

Podiatry treatments range from general and specialised foot care. A Podiatrist is a health care professional who plays an important role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot disorders and foot disabilities.


Some of the common conditions treated include:

Corns, calluses, keratotic heel fissures, warts, blisters, blackheel syndrome, fungal infections, contact dermatitis, palmar plantar keratoderma, pitted keratolysis, impetigo, ulcers (various types), chilblains (perniosis)


Ingrown nails (onychocryptosis), fungal nails (onychomycosis), blue nail (subungual haemorrhage), white nail syndrome (leuconychia), nail shedding ( onycholysis), ram’s horn nail (onychogryphosis), involuted nails, hypertrophied nails (onychoxis), hyperkeratosis in the nail groove (onychophosis),subungual corn, paronychia, spontaneous nail shedding (onychomadesis), retarded nail growth (onychatrophia), Hippocratic nails, Beau’s lines and spoon shaped nails (koilonychias)

Foot function and biomechanics

Pes planus (flat feet), pes cavus (high arched feet), metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, bruised heel syndrome, digital deformities, hallux abducto valgus, hallux rigidus, Mortons neuroma, Mortons syndrome, Severs disease.

 The diabetic foot, sports injuries related to lower limb and foot, biomechanics, the rheumatoid foot, foot circulatory disorders,  neurological disorders, the aging foot, manufacture of foot supports and orthotics.

The foot is a remarkable and complex anatomical and biomechanical structure that supports us and enables us to stand, walk and run. Unfortunately many things can go wrong with our feet.

Specialised treatments available for:


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Biomechanical Assessment

Orthotics (insoles)


  • Nails Cut and Filed £25
  • Nails Cut and 1 minor condition £30
  • Full Feet Podiatry Treatment £35
  • Ingrown Toenail £35
  • 2 x Ingrown Toenails £45
  • Verruca Treatment £35
  • Biomechanical Assessment £45
  • Diabetic Assessment £35
  • Nail Surgery 1 nail £220
  • Nail Surgery 2 nails £340
  • Dressing Appointment £20

What’s News?

We have a fantastic opportunity available for a full time or part time Podiatrist covering both our clinics in Kilmarnock and East Kilbride.

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We Are Recruiting! Podiatry Position Available!

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