East Kilbride: 01355 247581

The LLVP was set up in 2008 to allow easy access to low visual aids for those whose vision cannot be fully corrected by spectacles or contact lenses and whose lives are adversely affected by their visual impairment.

So if you are struggling with your vision, make an appointment for a Low Vision Assessment. We will check that you are seeing as well as you can with spectacles and then try different aids according to your needs.

There is a wide range of magnifiers and monoculars available. It is a matter of trying the different ones.

If your main issue is with distance vision we can offer different powered monoculars. These can be a bit tricky to begin with but, using your stronger eye, you can become quite adept at using it.

For reading, we mostly use hand-held or stand magnifiers. Some of them are fitted with LEDs which makes the print even easier to read. Again, it’s a matter of trying different aids to see which one suits you best.

The success of the visual aids depends on the nature of your visual impairment and your motivation.

The aids are supplied on a loan basis. You will be given them free of charge on the understanding that you will return them if they are no longer of use to you. At that stage we may be able to swap it for something stronger.

So, if you’re struggling and your spectacles cannot be any better just call 01355 247581 to make an appointment for a Low Vision Assessment and you can have a go at the magnifiers available.

Looking to have your eyes or hearing tested? Book an appointment using our online booking system.