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Buy One & Get Second Pair Half Price

POSTED: March 2, 2023

At The Optical Factory and Hearing Clinic, when you buy one complete pair of glasses, you get your second pair half price. This includes single vision, varifocal or bifocal lenses. Your second pair can even be prescription sunglasses. T&Cs apply. To take advantage of this offer, call today to book your free NHS eye test, or book […]

What we can detect with an advanced eye exam

POSTED: February 15, 2023

Having good vision is something many people take for granted, but those who struggle with vision impairment in some way or another appreciate the importance of having a competent and trustworthy optometrist. Advances in technology such as retinal imaging not only improve the way we diagnose our patients, but also make it easier to diagnose, […]

Christmas time eye safety tips

POSTED: December 20, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and let’s aim to keep it that way with tips to prevent common eye injuries in the holiday season. As everyone is in a hustle to finish his or her holiday shopping, decorating, and traveling it is easy to bypass safety as a first priority. This holiday […]

What Is an OCT Eye Exam?

POSTED: November 21, 2022

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a hospital-quality scan that can be carried out in your local optician’s practice, using cutting-edge technology to look more closely at your retina. The earlier we recognise eye disease, the better the chances of treatment. SAVING EYESIGHTS Many common eye diseases can creep up on you, without any significant symptoms. […]

Elderly Foot Care

POSTED: November 16, 2022

Did you know that the average person will walk over 100,000 miles in their lifetime? That’s the equivalent of half way to the moon – so it’s no surprise that as we get older, we can get problems with our feet. We understand that it can be hard to encourage your older parent to care […]

Looking After Your Feet In Winter

POSTED: November 15, 2022

As winter approaches, you’re probably packing away your summer shoes and digging out your boots and fluffy slippers for those chilly winter days and nights. For those of you who are worried about your feet hibernating for the next 6 months or so, we’ve compiled this handy guide to looking after your feet in winter. #TIP […]

Restoring Eyesight


The most common eye problem and a big contributor to school drop out rate’s and unemployment is uncorrected vision, with millions of adolescents in the most vulnerable areas lacking sufficient eye testing and necessary care. Children are falling behind in school, therefore leaving them uneducated, unemployed and falling into the cycle of poverty and locking […]

Guardian Angel Academy – Sight Aid International


Providing eye care to the children in need. Sight Aid International is a charity that has been set up to help raise awareness of eye care problems and help educate people on the importance of regular eye examinations and the need for corrective glasses. The charity is currently making a difference to peoples lives in Kenya by […]

Risks of at home ear wax removal

POSTED: November 8, 2022

Why Not to Remove Ear Wax at Home Earwax is natural and helpful. It plays a pivotal role in keeping us in good health. However, having too much of it could become a problem that requires removal by an ear wax removal specialist. The wax in your ears is made by glands in the skin […]

River View Primary – Sight Aid International

POSTED: November 1, 2022

Yes we were back in beautiful Kenya and ended up doing eye tests at River View Primary.  Our eye tests in Kenya are done through Sight Aid International, which is an OSCR registered charity that Sean Walls helped set up in 2009 and has been conducting eye screening camps since then, but post COVID we […]

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