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Posted: November 22, 2023

Diabetes is a complex disease that can affect many parts of your body, including your feet. In relation to the feet, diabetes can cause two main problems:

This means that people with diabetes may not feel (or ‘sense’) the symptoms of foot problems. And foot injuries or infections may take longer to heal due to reduced blood flow or may not heal at all. This can cause long-standing foot ulcers and even amputations. 

What is involved in a Diabetic Foot Assessment?

As part of your diabetes risk assessment, your podiatrist will usually begin by asking a few questions about the management of your diabetes and feet. Your podiatrist will then look at each of the following systems to gain an overall understanding of your foot health and your risk of diabetic foot complications such as ulcerations and amputations.

After your diabetic foot assessment your podiatrist should have all the information required to establish your plan going forward.

Cost of a Diabetic Foot Assessment?

The diabetic foot assessment is £35.
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Want to see a podiatrist?

At the very minimum a follow up should be done annually to go through the whole diabetic foot assessment once again. Depending on what other issues are occurring such as routine care which include nail care or treatment of corns and callus then you may be required to come in sooner. We recommended that routine care should be left to the professional hands of your podiatrist and should be performed around every 6-10 weeks.

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